We’ve waited a long time to be able to say this, but we are officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS! The XYZ Tavern is open from 4pm to 2:30am every night of the week. In a few weeks, we will be opening for lunch and breakfast as well. Come see us at 6419 Detroit Ave, right next to the Public Theater.

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~ by ABC the Tavern on February 25, 2011.


  1. Will you be having live entertainment at either ABC or XYZ the Taverns?

  2. Love you guys! Already my new favorite hot spot in Cleveland! You guys should get on facebook and post events or specials- let the whole world know what a good thing you got goin’ on!!!

  3. Randy and Linda. You knocked it out of the park on this one. Michelle and I loved it. Can’t wait to have a cigar on the patio. Let me know when filming begins.

  4. I had to REALLY SEARCH to find your phone number! Consider making it easier?
    I’ll paste it here so it may just show up on searches.

    XYZ the Tavern: 6419 Detroit Ave., Cleveland; 216-706-1104

  5. Been there, drank that, heading back today!

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