New pictures!

Just some teaser pics to give you a taste of what the XYZ will look like. Expect high-res photos coming SOON.

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~ by ABC the Tavern on December 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “New pictures!”

  1. Pretty excited for the new location to open in our neighborhood.

    I’m also interested in a bar tending here if you need any help.

  2. Will you be having live entertainment at XYZ the Tavern? I play in a jazz quartet based in Lakewood and we are always looking for new venues!

  3. Linda and Randy,
    Congratulations, and I love you two for bring back to life the meeting-place landmark of my youth and its life and times…which, I imagined was lost forever — that is until Billy Scanlon blew my mind with XYZ Old Neighbored news he shared at the ABC on Chinese New Years this past weekend.

    From Perry’s to XYZ: At 64 years old and counting, I can now say, after being out of the country for twenty years and returning home, you two take me and the Old Neighborhood full circle. And the Perry who loved me is in play here too. He anchored us then with hamburgers and Pepsis when we were young — now we get it all back with a booze wash and the old and new cumbodies in tow too!

    Be Blessed, Love, Jack Craciun III

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